Phase 2 – day 13

Hi everyone. A very windy day today, received a weather warning that this evening would be around 60mph winds so I stopped a little early to secure my tent.

The Women in Defence awards took place yesterday, sadly I couldn’t make it. I was nominated for the Inspirational Award which is a real privilege and I have been told that I won. All I really ever wanted was to inspire others so this is incredibly special to me. It’s really tough to feel good about myself and i’m finding it tough, and it’s hard to be kind to myself. It’s really heartwarming to hear others have been inspired so thank you.

I was also told that I won the Woman of the Year Award and just wow. Thank you so very much.

This post is for all those that have inspired me. To all of those stepping outside of your comfort zone, you’re all winners.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

2 thoughts on “Phase 2 – day 13

  1. Well deserved Preet, congratulations! This should be more inspiration for you while you tackle each day. Keep going and good luck

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