Phase 2 – day 31

Hi everyone. Another tough day, it’s hard work trying to pull the pulk through this powdery soft snow, but I did have good visibility today which is always a plus.

It is that day of the week where I get to announce another school winner. Today’s winning logo was created by Olivia Junor-Fitzpatrick who is in year 6 at Derby High School.

Here are some of the words that Olivia sent with her logo.

“The fist punching up around shattered pieces of glass inside the crest represent your famous quote ‘I don’t just want to break the glass ceiling, I want to shatter it into a million pieces.’ Surrounding the outside of the crest are different sized snowflakes which represent the snow and frost you might face on your journey. On the outside of the crest I decided to use the colour blue to represent the shade of frost you might come upon. At the very top is your name but instead an O in the world polar I decide to change it to a penguin footprint because penguins are located in the Antarctic and you might come across some on your journey.”

What a brilliant logo, thank you so much. I love the penguin footprint, sadly I’m unlikely to come across any penguins with the route I am taking but I love having this logo with me.


You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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