Phase 2 – day 32

Hi everyone. Good visibility today, but still making my way through this powdery snow which is making the pulk feel heavy. But I’m doing ok and I’m taking it a day at a time

This post goes to the expeditions on the ice right now.

The team of six serving or ex serving Australian Defence Force members who you can follow at (@thespiritlivesantarctica) are aiming to ski just over 1100 miles.

Antarctica 2023 (@antarctica 2023) a team of two doctors, Gareth Andrews and Richard Stephenson are skiing 2023km, aiming to achieve the longest ever unsupported ski crossing of Antarctica.

Inspire 22 (@antarctic_inspire_22) who are aiming to explore the metabolic cost of sustained polar travel and they are skiing over 900km.

Omar Di Felice (@omardifelice) who is aiming to conduct the longest cycling journey across the South Pole.  

Ben Weber (@bweber360) who is skiing 700 miles solo to the South Pole.

And Caroline Cote (@caro.line.cote) and Wendy Searle (@betweensnowandsky) who are both skiing the 700 miles solo to the South Pole and aiming for the speed record too.

There are quite a few expeditions this year and I dont know them all, so feel free to mention any I have missed. That’s all for tonight.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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