Day 18

A good today with good visibility, which makes such a difference when you can see where you’re going. Feels strange that I havent seen any sign of another person for 18 days. It’s tough going out here, but im also living a simpler life which I quite like. Ski, put up my tent, cook, sleep and do it all over again. I’ve got a few aches here and there but thats completely normal after pulling a heavy pulk for 18 days.

This blog goes out to my cousin who’s nickname is Spikey and her kids, my niece and nephew; Simar and Kanwar. She lost her partner, Inder, who was 38 years old, a few months ago and I wanted to dedicate this blog to all of them. I’m sure he’s up there watching down on you all with your Mama Ji.  

That’s all for tonight.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

Image taken before leaving union glacier.
(image taken before leaving Union Glacier)

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