Day 19

A good day today, though I felt tired by the end. It was pretty windy, If any part of your skin is exposed you can feel it pretty quickly and at the start of the day I could feel a small sting in my cheek but quickly closed the gap between my hat, goggles and facemask so no skin was exposed. I also have a mirror just to double check.

This is for all of the expeditions on the ice this year! It was tough getting to this point, with COVID, funding, getting hold of kit and equipment because everything seemed to be in short supply. I feel very privileged to be here and I want to give a shout out to the other expeditions that are also here this year.

I know we are nowhere near each other but it just feels a little less lonely knowing you’re on the ice at the same time. Here is to Masatatsu Abe (@masatatsu_abe) from Japan who is travelling from the Ross Ice Shelf to the South Pole, covering around 1,200km, Erik Bertand Larssen (@erikbertandlarssen) who is on a solo expedition from Berkner Island to the Pole. And of course, Louis Rudd (@louisrudd) and Martin Hewitt (@martinhewittadventure, @adaptivegradslam) who are heading to the South Pole from Hercules Inlet and are climbing Mount Vinson after! I also got to meet two of the groups before heading out so a big shout out to the team on the Hercules Inlet route and the Axel Heiberg route.

Thats all for tonight.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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  1. Have been following since before Day 1. You’re doing great! Fascinating. What temps are common for you during the day?

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