Day 20

Such a lovely day today. Just a little bit of wind, though the weather is turning tomorrow so it felt like the calm before the storm. I can hear the snow blowing now outside.

So, I’ve been listening to a range of audiobooks while I’ve been out here. I love a good rom-com so I have a few of those in there. The last few days I listened to Amy Poehler’s book “Yes Please”. I love the book. She plays Lesley in a show called Parks and Recreation and she’s my favourite character. Also loved Mindy Kaling’s two books. Basically they’re badass women and I love listening to their lives and advice. You want to have good audiobooks while you’re out here. I also haven’t listened to any of them before so its the first time I’m listening to them.

So, on day 20 and every 10 days I finish one of my food bags and I celebrate something from this year. Today I am celebrating getting a distinction in my masters. A huge thank you to all of my lecturers at Queen Mary’s University of London (@officialqmul) for all of your support.

I decided to do a 4 year part time MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine in Sep 2019 and then last year decided it would be great to complete it before going to Antarctica. It was pretty stressful at times. I just paid the last fees before leaving too. Two weeks before leaving the UK, I got my results and I was really pleased to see the hard work paying off. So thank you to all of my lecturers for your support and a special thank you to Simon Lack and Stuart Miller and the guys in my research group.

That’s all for tonight.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

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  1. Preet – just looked at the map tracker and it looks like you are nearly halfway – keep it going – downhill from here !!! are there any downhill sections ?

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