Day 21

I made it to Thiels corner which is my half way point. There’s a fuel depot here and a toilet as well. I didn’t use the toilet though, I didn’t want to get used to that little bit of comfort of sitting on a toilet rather than digging a hole in the snow and squatting. I could see the mountain range to the west of Thiels corner too. Its great to actually ski towards something, I haven’t seen any features like this since the start.

So they started with a whiteout where I couldn’t see anything. Then just cloudy where I had a little bit of visibility. Its been really difficult to see the ground this afternoon though which makes progress difficult. Quite windy for the next few days, I think approximately 30mph winds at the moment.

So tonight my dinner was salmon pasta which is one of my favourites, all of my evening meals are freeze dried meals supplied by Base Camp Food (@basecampfood) who have provided my food not only for this trip but also a lot of my training trips. They are a great company who have helped me with every order, no matter how last minute (and there have been a few last minute orders). And a special mention to Laura Gardener and Jenny Hopkins (@adventurebambam), thank you so much for all of your support. And to Rin Passmore who created my entire nutrition plan which involves all the snacks, breakfasts and freeze dried meals. Thank you so much Rin! I’m really enjoying all of my food, I’m making sure I’m eating all of it was well which is really important because I need the energy.

That’s all for tonight. I’m pretty tired and ready for bed.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

4 thoughts on “Day 21

  1. Preet – delighted you are half way – by the time you read this you have less distance to cover than you have completed which I’m sure will spur you on – love the toilet dit – can’t believe there is a proper toilet halfway across Antarctica !!!

  2. Amazing progress Preet. Your posts are so chilled and unflustered which I am sure downplays the enormity of your endeavour. Loving hearing about it daily. Keep stepping out.

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