Day 35

Hi everyone, its getting colder now and I can definitely feel it. The Sastrugi’s a lot lighter now which is great. As of tomorrow I’ve decided *coughing* . . . every time I speak I start coughing and obviously I’m not speaking much which is why you always hear me coughing on the phone. So, as of tomorrow I’ve decided I’m going to pretend as though I’ve just started, I’m fresh, and I’ve got around 5 or so days to go. Just a different way of breaking it up and I’ve done 5 day events and races and things before so no problem at all.

This blog goes out to a few companies who have been so helpful over the last few months and gone out of their way to help me with my kit and preparation. Thank you so much to Jon at The Piste Office (@thepisteoffice), everyone working at Needles in Derby City Centre and Nigel from Prestige Embroidery. Nigel tells me he has no social media so if you know him, please make sure he listens to this blog, thank you very much!

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

4 thoughts on “Day 35

  1. You’ve got this. (Easy for me to say as I drink coffee and fuss Bernie the Bernedoodle). I’ll be sharing your journey with Warminster School CCF cadets – what a role model!

  2. Preet – you can always talk to yourself if you are out of practice – no one will know – look forward to hearing your story at some point in the future once you have finished and get back home.

  3. Preet – you must be so proud of yourself with only a few days to go now.
    The weather in London is really mild for this time of year so not too bad at all.
    We look forward to celebrating your final few days with your team and all your family and friends.
    Ranjina Basra

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