Day 36

Hi everyone, I made it to the last degree. So I’m on the final 60 nautical miles which is a big milestone. I might even see other people soon as there are a few last degree expeditions going on. I had a long day, just under 20 hours. Its 24 hour daylight but it suddenly gets a lot colder when there’s cloud cover or a whiteout which is what I had for a few hours.

This post goes out to Hannah McKeand (@hannahmckeand), Devon McDermitt (@mcddevo) and Denise Martin. The first polar course I did was Hannah’s Polar Expedition Training course (@polarexpeditiontraining) in Norway in Finse in Feb 2020 and it gave me a fantastic baseline, I learned a lot from the course and some really great instructors. So thankyou very much. I’ve learned from some really amazing people which has really helped me while I’m out here.

Ok, wish me luck for the last degree. That’s all for tonight.

You can see my live location and listen to my audio updates here.

13 thoughts on “Day 36

  1. Complete admiration for your stamina and achievements Preet. Way ahead and on the final push. Hope you find some company at the pole. 👏👏

  2. Best of luck for the last degree Preet! So great to see you’re on the final push, well done!

  3. It’s been incredible to follow your journey and hear your logged audio posts every night. Praying for your strength, energy and safety as you press on towards the prize, the goal, the whole reason for doing this slog! Go Preet! We are all in awe and so proud of you!

  4. Magnificent achievement so far, keep going, keep safe and you are almost at your intended destination IAF

  5. You are inspiring like a modern day Shackleton, Amundsen or Scott. Keep the strength and resilience. Mark.

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