It’s often difficult to fit in everything we want so we prioritise. My priority right now is the expedition, not just the journey on the ice but everything else that I want to bring with it. I’m really excited to be bringing young people on the journey with me through the school competition I’m running (https://polarpreet.com/school-competition/). I’m also conducing research with Ultra Sports Science and raising money for charity with Khalsa Aid. 

Time is precious. I work in my Army role from 0800 – 1700, this is my main job as a physiotherapist. I’ll be taking a period of leave from the Army to conduct the expedition. 

I use all of my spare time to prepare for the expedition and I often feel like I have two jobs. I train in the mornings before work and will fit in meetings at lunch or after work. Waking up every morning to train before work is hard, I wake up even when I’m not motivated to do so.. because what I’m working toward is that important. 

It is busy and I don’t have time for anything outside of the expedition prep and work. I think when we are training or working toward something important, it is ok to focus on that one thing. 

It’s taken a lot to get here and I’m excited to take as many people as possible on this journey with me.

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