So much packing! In these boxes, I have 75 days of food and the majority of my kit and equipment. The boxes will be sent to Punta Arenas, Chile and I will meet them there in 3 weeks. I will then spend a week in Chile completing final preparation before flying to Antarctica 🇦🇶

I counted my freeze dried food (supplied by basecampfood) and every bit of kit numerous times, making sure I have everything I need. I rented a van from Enterprise, sent my boxes via air freight and said goodbye to my kit 👋🏾

The starting weight of my pulk (sled) will be approximately 120kg. My pulk will be meeting me in Punta Arenas too.

Look forward to being reunited with my kit 🎿

📸 Feeling tired. Long nights packing all of this up 🙂

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  1. Tremendous courage. You’ve got this. Tactical failure equals wrong solution for strategic success.

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