School Competition

I always wanted to bring people with me on this expedition. Sadly, it wouldn’t be solo if I had people with me on the ice! But it was always about more than me.. so I decided to create a school competition and I plan to take the winning logos on my pulk (sled).

Sometimes when I have an idea, I feel as though I’m just creating more work for myself! That is true but if it is something I’m passionate about, I’ll do it anyway and this is an idea I was really excited about. I get to take logos created by young people all over the word with me and yes I have thought about the additional weight and it’s worth it.

It is not being run through any organisation, just me and the amazing people that offered to help. We are still accepting logos from schools – this is open to schools all over the world. I have extended the deadline until 13 Oct.

All the details are under school competition on the website. One entry per school – I’ll create the winning logos into stickers and have them on my pulk. I will be taking 7-8 stickers from all over the world and will announce the winners while I’m on the ice.

We have had some amazing submissions so far. I want to get as many people involved as possible – this is open to schools all over the world. If you are between the ages of 4 – 16 but do not go to school, your submission will be accepted.

📸 A week of leave taken to complete some training in Chamonix earlier this year. This photo was taken on the way down from Mont Blanc.

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